Ap Review: Breathing

Breath is a huge part of mindfulness. Most guided meditations start by prompting you to check in with your breath, either by taking deliberately big and slow breaths or simply noticing what your breath is doing. I’ve shared some breathing exercises that I use with clients in the past. Breathing is a free ap byContinue reading “Ap Review: Breathing”

Breathing with the Waves

Good morning, and welcome to another week! As you might know from Armani’s mewsletter last weekend, we were fortunate to go on a beach getaway over the 4th of July weekend. Usually, I prefer to stay on the beach and enjoy the sounds and smells of the water rather than actually going in because theContinue reading “Breathing with the Waves”

Flower Breathing

This is an activity I use with kids to help them take big breaths. It’s good to have a lot of breathing activities to choose from in your arsenal as a therapist, since everyone responds differently to the different techniques. This activity will help you practice taking big breaths to calm your body. You canContinue reading “Flower Breathing”