Interview with Jenn Brandel, LICSW, Author

Jenn Brandel, LICSW, was kind enough to talk with me about her work as a social worker and writer. She has two books and provides some awesome, free assessments on her website. 1. To start off, can you tell me about your professional background?I am a licensed clinical social worker and have been practicing forContinue reading “Interview with Jenn Brandel, LICSW, Author”

What About MY Leg? A Story About Student Loan Forgiveness

There has been talk of student loan holders getting a chunk of their debt forgiven after the presidential inauguration in January 2021. This would be absolutely fantastic and help a lot of people become financially stable, but of course, those who had already paid off significant debts pointed out that this will not help theirContinue reading “What About MY Leg? A Story About Student Loan Forgiveness”