Ap Review: Medisafe

I shared before a product designed to let you know whether you’ve taken your medication today or not. Timer Cap is fantastic, but what if your issue is that you forget to even check whether you’ve taken your meds today or not? Enter the free ap, Medisafe! The ap lets you input all your medicationsContinue reading “Ap Review: Medisafe”

Antidepressants and Children

Antidepressant can be a scary word. This is especially true for children, teens, and their parents. Although I personally cannot prescribe medication in my practice, I often make referrals for medication consults, and I talk many families through their concerns about medication. Today, I want to address some of the concerns I have heard relatedContinue reading “Antidepressants and Children”

Armani Doesn’t Feel Well

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve met Armani. I wrote a story about Armani to help kids who might have to take medicine they don’t like. Armani is a cat who came to live with me the week before I started graduate school. His mother was a stray, and he and all his brothersContinue reading “Armani Doesn’t Feel Well”