Petition: Tell the ACLU to Fight Mandatory Autism Databases!

Sign the petition today!! (Hello new friends! If it’s your first time joining me, I have been trying to repeal a North Dakota law mandating that providers register autistic clients with the government. Information on the law is available here. More information about these kinds of databases is available here, and my journey raging against these databasesContinue reading “Petition: Tell the ACLU to Fight Mandatory Autism Databases!”

More Updates on the Autism Database

UPDATE: Kodi Pinks emailed me back regarding my question about going through medical records to determine whether people were being diagnosed with autism but not registered. According to Kodi: “As to your question about whether the department is going into people’s medical records to determine reporting compliance; I can assure you that this is notContinue reading “More Updates on the Autism Database”