Celebrating 5,000 Followers: Giveaway Alert!

On Monday, something pretty cool happened: my Twitter following hit an arbitrary numerical milestone! Hooray! Can you believe 5,000 people saw what I had to say and thought, “I want more of that in my life”? I created my Twitter account to promote this blog, and I created this blog to help people. At first,Continue reading “Celebrating 5,000 Followers: Giveaway Alert!”

It’s About To Get Real Competitive

Thank you to everyone who purchased It’s About To Get Real Unprofessional! We debuted in the top 20,000 books on Amazon, which is pretty amazing considering there are more than 4 MILLION books on there. As a thank you for all the support (and to keep the fun going), we are having a coloring contest!Continue reading “It’s About To Get Real Competitive”