New Book: Armani Doesn’t Feel Well

Friends, we did it! Armani Doesn’t Feel Well is available in hard copy and via ebook. He is so excited to share his story with you! After researching my self-publishing options for children’s books, I have decided to use Lulu Publishing for hard copies. You can purchase a paperback copy of Armani Doesn’t Feel WellContinue reading “New Book: Armani Doesn’t Feel Well”

The Weekly Mews with Armani

Good morning and welcome to Armani’s weekly mewsletter! Let me tell you, friends, Armani had a WEEK. It was a normal Tuesday. Armani was minding his own business. He noticed his breakfast was smaller than usual, but he was prepared to overlook that because he knew he could try and eat the strawberries out ofContinue reading “The Weekly Mews with Armani”

The Weekly Mews with Armani

Welcome back, friends! I am pleased to share that Armani is now on Twitter sharing his thoughts with you directly all week long. Armani had his second week with the Libre device, and the vet feels he has stabilized enough to stop monitoring him so closely. We will check him again in about a month,Continue reading “The Weekly Mews with Armani”

The Weekly Mews with Armani

Thank you everyone who read Armani‚Äôs new mewsletter last week! I got some very nice messages about it, and Armani raised $30 to donate to Sioux Falls All Cats Rescue! They are a volunteer-run organization that raises money for vet funds and foster homeless cats, and they took care of Armani’s sister, Vera, before sheContinue reading “The Weekly Mews with Armani”

Armani Doesn’t Feel Well

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve met Armani. I wrote a story about Armani to help kids who might have to take medicine they don’t like. Armani is a cat who came to live with me the week before I started graduate school. His mother was a stray, and he and all his brothersContinue reading “Armani Doesn’t Feel Well”