The Weekly Mews with Armani

Happy Caturday to those who celebrate! Armani wishes the weather would level out because he gets confused not knowing if it will be warm enough to preside over his kingdom on the balcony each day. He also wishes I would stop closing the office door because he needs to be able to come and goContinue reading “The Weekly Mews with Armani”

How Vera Says “I Love You”

This post is inspired by all the kids I’ve met who do not show affection in a “traditional” way. I hope their parents can see and accept the way their children say “I love you” even if it is not the way they are used to. Remember Vera, the cat who gets scared by strangeContinue reading “How Vera Says “I Love You””

The Weekly Mews with Armani

Hello, good morning, and welcome to another edition of Armani’s mewsletter! Armani had a very exciting week because he went to the vet yesterday. He had to take Gabapentin before his appointment because last time he bit the vet tech. He insists she had it coming, and that may be true, but we can’t haveContinue reading “The Weekly Mews with Armani”

Celebrating 5,000 Followers: Giveaway Alert!

On Monday, something pretty cool happened: my Twitter following hit an arbitrary numerical milestone! Hooray! Can you believe 5,000 people saw what I had to say and thought, “I want more of that in my life”? I created my Twitter account to promote this blog, and I created this blog to help people. At first,Continue reading “Celebrating 5,000 Followers: Giveaway Alert!”

The Weekly Mews with Armani

Welcome back, friends! I apologize for the technical issues lately – I usually upload the photos for Armani’s mewsletter using the app on my phone, but that has been glitching on me (it is likely a Code-18 error, unfortunately). So I’m going to try transferring the photos to my laptop and uploading them that way.Continue reading “The Weekly Mews with Armani”

New Book: Armani Doesn’t Feel Well

Friends, we did it! Armani Doesn’t Feel Well is available in hard copy and via ebook. He is so excited to share his story with you! After researching my self-publishing options for children’s books, I have decided to use Lulu Publishing for hard copies. You can purchase a paperback copy of Armani Doesn’t Feel WellContinue reading “New Book: Armani Doesn’t Feel Well”