App Review: Breathe 2 Relax

Today’s mental health app was developed by the Defense Health Agency: Breathe 2 Relax. I love that there seems to be no shortage of apps to teach coping skills, deep breathing, and mindfulness – you can try them all out and see which one is the best fit, which one uses language that you resonateContinue reading “App Review: Breathe 2 Relax”

Breathing with the Waves

Good morning, and welcome to another week! As you might know from Armani’s mewsletter last weekend, we were fortunate to go on a beach getaway over the 4th of July weekend. Usually, I prefer to stay on the beach and enjoy the sounds and smells of the water rather than actually going in because theContinue reading “Breathing with the Waves”

Square Breathing

This is a technique that is similar to the Bubble Breathing worksheet I posted several weeks ago. Some people have trouble visualizing the bubbles or prefer not to use the imagery of breathing out the negative emotions but would still benefit from some breathing techniques. Since square breathing involves movement to trace the square, thisContinue reading “Square Breathing”