Behavioral Scripting: Every Day Can Be Your Birthday

Today’s post is brought to you by Courtney, my friend who I met through the glory that is social media. Courtney is autistic, and like many autistic folks, sometimes she has a hard time making decisions or managing unstructured weekends. Recently, Courtney shared that she was celebrating her birthday – but it wasn’t her actualContinue reading “Behavioral Scripting: Every Day Can Be Your Birthday”

Petition: Tell the ACLU to Fight Mandatory Autism Databases!

Sign the petition today!! (Hello new friends! If it’s your first time joining me, I have been trying to repeal a North Dakota law mandating that providers register autistic clients with the government. Information on the law is available here. More information about these kinds of databases is available here, and my journey raging against these databasesContinue reading “Petition: Tell the ACLU to Fight Mandatory Autism Databases!”

More Updates on the Autism Database

UPDATE: Kodi Pinks emailed me back regarding my question about going through medical records to determine whether people were being diagnosed with autism but not registered. According to Kodi: “As to your question about whether the department is going into people’s medical records to determine reporting compliance; I can assure you that this is notContinue reading “More Updates on the Autism Database”

Autism Database Updates

If you’re new around here, you might want to get caught up: here’s my letter to the North Dakota psychology board about the Health Department’s mandatory autism database, and here’s information about other states that have mandatory databases as well as steps YOU can take to protest them. I was able to get a holdContinue reading “Autism Database Updates”

Autism Databases

Last week, I shared my concerns about North Dakota’s mandatory autism database. If you missed it, check out that post and please help us report this unethical law to the Department of Justice. As I said in the post, I sent my letter to the North Dakota Board, Health Department, and Governor’s office. I laterContinue reading “Autism Databases”

An Open Letter to the North Dakota State Board of Psychologist Examiners

If you have been following my career antics, you know that I have been applying for licensure in North Dakota. The folks at ADHD Online had ONE psychologist serving the state, and that psychologist retired. Rather than telling the people of North Dakota, “Sorry, no accessible ADHD testing for you,” they offered to help meContinue reading “An Open Letter to the North Dakota State Board of Psychologist Examiners”

Call for Interviews: Adults Diagnosed with ADHD and/or Autism

Last week, I briefly mentioned getting diagnosed with ADHD at the old, old age of 33. Naturally, this led to some introspection and wondering how someone could get through a doctoral program in clinical psychology (including and internship AND post-doc that included specializing in identifying and diagnosing neurodivergence) with no one realizing they were alsoContinue reading “Call for Interviews: Adults Diagnosed with ADHD and/or Autism”

Virtual Fidgets

Fidget spinners and cubes exploded in popularity a few years ago. Initially, this was fantastic because it meant that neuro-divergent children (and adults) could incorporate fidgeting and stimming into their lives in a way that was not ridiculed or mocked by those around them. Of course, like with most fads that kids get into, eventuallyContinue reading “Virtual Fidgets”

Psychological Evaluation 101: Autism

Language note: although everyone has individual preferences, the overall consensus at the time that I am writing this post is that people in the Autism community prefer to be referred to as “Autistic people” rather than “people with Autism,” so that is the language I will use in this post. Last week I talked aboutContinue reading “Psychological Evaluation 101: Autism”