App Review: Finch

Remember Amaru, the flying cat that helps you learn mindfulness? Well, I have found another little friend to help you manage your mental health! Finch is an adorable little bird who grows and develops personality traits when you take care of yourself. I let the app randomly generate a name for my finch. This isContinue reading “App Review: Finch”

App Review: Booster Buddy

I was on the fence about posting this review because, when I opened the Booster Buddy app to try it out, I got a notice that the developers were no longer doing updates as of April 2021. The notice indicated that the app might stop working as my phone updates. But, as I explored theContinue reading “App Review: Booster Buddy”

Dare App Review

While no app can replace therapy, there are some great options to learn more about mental health. Dare has an option for a paid upgrade, but the free version is fantastic. Choose what you are struggling with, and you are presented with education about each topic presented by a soothing voice. You can choose howContinue reading “Dare App Review”