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Who isn’t looking for more tools to put in their therapist toolbox? Here, you will find interventions and worksheets that I have found helpful. Is there something you’d like to see but don’t? Contact me with a suggestion and I’ll try to make it available!

Telehealth Activities for Kids

Therapists, are you looking for more tools to help engage kids in telehealth sessions? Look no further! Here, you will find FREE resources for doing telemental health with kids.

You can also check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store, where I’m creating telehealth games for download. If you purchased something from my TPT store and are having trouble with the PICO files, please see this video demonstrating how to use them.

Worksheets and Activities

I have put together a variety of therapeutic activities. Many are kid-focused, but they can benefit people of all ages. Worksheets are sorted by topic to make it easy to choose the right one for your needs.

Mental Health 101

In an effort to make mental health care more accessible and understandable to the general public, I have written several posts about psychology, therapy, mental illness, and other topics related to mental health.

Dr. Amy Reviews

Interviews with professionals, reviews of books, and recommendations for therapeutic apps.


This list contains articles I’ve written specifically for parents and about parenting. It’s a list I hope to keep adding to.

ADHD Online Presents

These webinars are free and provide information about living with ADHD or parenting someone who has ADHD. Other webinars about ADHD are available at ADHD Online.

Classes (For Teachers)

I have developed a series of classes for implementing a trauma-informed philosophy into your classroom. The introduction course can be viewed for free on Skillshare, and additional courses can be found on my AwareNow profile.


I Don’t Want To Be Bad cover
A Year of Resiliency cover

I Don’t Want To Be Bad

This book is available in paperback and through Kindle Direct Publishing, and it contains comprehensive techniques to help you and your child communicate effectively, identify and cope with negative feelings, and make better choices. After all, kids don’t want to be bad!

A Year of Resiliency: Growth Through Adversity

This guided journal offers 365 prompts for a year of building your resiliency and instilling a sense of hope for the future. A Year of Resiliency is available in paperback format on Amazon, and a special edition spiral bound version will soon be available for purchase.

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