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It started with a tweet: “Podcast idea: Drunk history but for mental health stuff.” And dozens said they would love to participate! Next thing you know, I’m talking to my friend and fellow psychologist, Steve, who has done a podcast in the past. He’s telling me which microphone to buy and saying he’ll help with the tech side of things.

I’m anticipating some time in January for when we will get this up and running, but if you’re interested in getting drunk and going on about a mental health topic that you’re passionate about, fill out the form below! I will reach out to you via email once I figure out scheduling stuff.

Psychology on the Rocks

Psychology on the Rocks is a podcast by mental health professionals for anyone who wants to learn more about mental health in an entertaining, slightly intoxicated way. Guests will give a lecture on their topic of choice while imbibing their adult beverage of choice. Want to be a guest? Fill out the form!

Want to be a guest?

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