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Do you think parenting consultations are right for you? Contact me for more information and to set up an appointment.

Be The Best You Can Be for Your Kids

Parenting is hard! You’re doing the best you can for your kids, but you’re facing challenges every day. Maybe you’re feeling over your head, or maybe your child is struggling and you don’t know how to respond. Kids don’t always need therapy, but this does not mean that parents don’t need support! That’s why I started doing parenting consultations. Let me help you overcome the challenges of parenting and meet your child’s needs in a healthy way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why might I get a parenting consultaiton?

Parents might seek consultation for a number of reasons, including:

  • You aren’t sure if your child’s mental health symptoms are severe enough to warrant therapeutic intervention
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed and are unsure if you are making the best choice for your child
  • You don’t know how to talk to your child about issues like drugs, sex, or an upcoming change like a move or divorce
  • You aren’t sure the most effective way to curb disrespectful, rude, or risky behavior
  • You find yourself in a cycle of punishing “bad” behavior and want to know how to have more positive interactions with your child while still setting heathy boundaries

Really, there is no wrong reason to get a parenting consultation. You deserve support!

Is parenting consultation the same as therapy?

No! Therapy involves an identified client, usually the child, who is involved in most (if not all) sessions. Therapy seeks to treat a diagnosis from the DSM, which is assigned based on specific symptoms. Parenting consultations involve strategic problem solving to implement effective communication in the home, establish and follow consistent and specific patterns and routines, and promote healthy attachment. I might not even meet with your child for the parenting consultation. These things are often goals in therapy too, but because the focus of the consultation is your parenting and not on treating your child’s diagnosis, it is not therapy. In addition, because consultations are different from therapy, I am able to provide this service to individuals who live outside of the state where I am licensed.

Is parenting consultation covered by health insurance?

Unfortunately, health insurance does not cover parenting consultations. Insurance coverage requires a diagnosis. Although you or your child might meet criteria for a diagnosis, the goal of a parenting consultation is not to treat that mental health condition, and I do not assign a diagnosis or complete a psychological assessment as a parenting consultant. I may recommend therapy services following the consultation and can work with you to find a therapist who is licensed where you live. As a licensed psychologist, I am qualified to provide therapy services to individuals in South Dakota and Montana. If you feel that therapy services are a better fit for your family’s needs or require a psychological evaluation and live in South Dakota or Montana, please contact Sioux Falls Psychological Services for more information.

What are your credentials to do parenting consultations?

I have a doctorate in clinical psychology with a training emphasis in child and adolescent mental health, and I provide therapy and evaluations for children and adolescents in my practice in South Dakota. I have training in parenting skills work and working within a family system to resolve conflict and other issues. I have worked with hundreds of families but have found that some children do not necessarily meet criteria for a diagnosis, or that parents need support outside of their child’s therapy to make changes to dynamics in the home. I developed my system for parenting consultation to meet this need without having to use DSM diagnoses or report to insurance companies.

If you are unsure whether I am the right fit to help your family, I recommend reading my book, I Don’t Want To Be Bad, which details my approach to changing problem behaviors in kids.

Where can you provide parenting consultations? Do I need to live in South Dakota?

Because consultations are not therapy, I am able to act as a consultant to anyone anywhere in the world. Appointments are conducted using encrypted videoconferencing to ensure privacy and allow you to receive a parenting consultation from anywhere. We just have to confirm we are on the same page about time zones.

How much do parenting consultations cost?

Parenting consultations are short-term and focus on solving specific problems you face as a parent. Depending on your needs and goals, we will have between one and five appointments lasting one hour each. Appointments are $135 each, with discounts available if you purchase multiple consultation appointments at a time. Payments must be made in full before an appointment can be scheduled.

A parenting consultation is an investment in your relationship with your child. I set my price based on market research on the price of similar services and the value of my time and credentials. Unfortunately, sliding scale and reduced fees are not available at this time.

What if I cannot keep my appointment?

Please let me know as soon as possible if you need to reschedule your appointment. Because I hold this time specifically for you and do not make appointments with anyone else during your scheduled time, I ask that you please check in on time for your appointment, as I cannot go over our scheduled time if you are late. If you need to reschedule, I ask that you try to give me at least 24 hours notice. I will contact you via email the day prior to remind you about your appointment time.

I do understand that emergencies happen, and if this is the case, I ask that you let me know as soon as possible before your appointment time that you are unable to make it. If you do not keep your appointment and do not contact me that you need to reschedule prior to the appointment, you forfeit your payment for that time, and if you check in late, we can still meet for the remaining time, but I cannot go past the scheduled end time, and you are still responsible for the cost of the full session.

What if I need more long-term support?

In addition to individual parenting consultations, I offer 12-week parenting support groups. As with the consultation, these are not therapy groups, since you are not the identified client, and you and your child are not given a diagnosis. Groups include a check-in, an opportunity for parents to offer each other moral and emotional support, and education on a topic related to improving your parenting skills. Topics include healthy discipline and boundaries, advocating for your child, and parent self-care. In addition, I am happy to work with you to find resources and referrals for long-term therapy services with licensed professionals in your area if appropriate.

Tell me more about the parenting support groups?

When you contact me, you can request information about dates and topics for upcoming support groups. Parenting support groups consist of six to eight parents and cost $40 per hour-long group, totaling $480. This amount must be paid in full in order for you to enroll in the group, and payment is expected when the group is scheduled. Groups meet once per week for 12 weeks, and I determine a time that works for all participants before scheduling the group so that the time works for you.

What if I only want to participate in half of the group sessions?

Because group participation is limited, I require that you pay for all 12 sessions in order to hold your spot. If you are unable to attend some of the groups, you still owe the total for the group. I can provide resources presented in group if you are unable to attend a session, but I cannot provide partial or full refunds if you do not attend all groups.

How do I request more information?

If you have read through the information on this page and would like to receive more information about a parenting consultation, please fill out this form <LINK> to contact me!

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