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This page includes educational trainings I have put together for therapists and other professionals. See each course for information about sponsorship, affiliations, and continuing education credits and cost. If you already took one of my courses and have a follow-up question, contact me using this form.

Resiliency Mental Health is an approved sponsor for continuing education for psychologists by the American Psychological Association. Learn more and access continuing education here.

Telemental Health and Psychological Assessments (The Telehealth Certification Institute)

When therapy sessions moved online, for psychologists, psychological assessments presented added challenges. But the benefits of telehealth assessment go beyond safety during a pandemic: like tele-therapy, tele-assessment improves accessibility for clients who cannot easily attend an in-person appointment.

This course will prepare you to add various psychological assessments to your telehealth practice and learn which assessments can easily transfer to the telehealth setting and how to follow ethical best practices with these measures. Earn 6 Continuing Education credits.

Trauma, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Telehealth (The Telehealth Certification Institute)

What sits at the intersection of evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-informed care, and telemental health? It is challenging for clinicians to juggle the legal, ethical, and best practice considerations for clients who have survived trauma, especially when navigating telehealth considerations.

This course will enhance your knowledge of laws and ethics around telehealth, trauma, and cognitive behavioral therapy and provide information about the different components of trauma-informed care with CBT interventions. Earn 6 Continuing Education credits.

Telehealth and Play-Based Interventions (The Telehealth Certification Institute)

As research has expanded around the efficacy of telehealth with therapy clients of all ages, we know this is a viable alternative to children, teens, and families who need mental health services but are unable or prefer not to come to an office in person, even when it comes to play-based interventions.

This course will give you the knowledge and skills to determine when a client is right for play-based tele-therapy, what type of play is the best fit for them, and what specific interventions you can use in any session with any client. Earn 6 Continuing Education credits.

Telemental Health Certification Course (PESI)

This online certification course provides comprehensive yet easy-to-understand instructions on everything you need to know right now about practicing telemental health including ethics, technical & logistical setup, safety concerns and so much more when you are doing telemental health with kids and teens. Earn 13 Continuing Education credits.

Trauma-Informed CBT for Children & Adolescents (PESI)

Sometimes we struggle to balance individual kids’ needs with implementing evidence-based care.

This day-long seminar will teach you how to balance the structure of CBT and the flexibility of a trauma-informed approach, in a way that meets each child’s unique needs. Earn 6 Continuing Education credits.

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Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

This lecture details the Phases of Change and basic concepts of Motivational Interviewing, including addressing “resistance,” developing goals collaboratively with clients, and harm reduction. In addition to the lecture, I provide links to free resources and demonstrations available through third-party sites. $5 for this one-hour course. This course is not presently eligible for continuing education.

The Trauma-Informed Classroom

I have developed a series of classes for implementing a trauma-informed philosophy into your classroom. The introduction course is available for free, and additional courses can be purchased individually or in a bundle in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. This course does not qualify for continuing education credits.

“[Dr. Amy’s] presentation has given me a lot of confidence in meeting and supporting my clients, but also empowering myself.” 

— Judy B

“Definitely useful and easy techniques to add in any setting. Excellent, Amy!”

— Kelly J

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