Coming Soon: Continuing Education

I am excited to announce that Resiliency Mental Health is applying for sponsorship with the American Psychological Association so that I can continue creating content like my Professional Wills for Therapists seminar and start offering educational credit! Fortunately, since I have been helping the people at PESI create content that meets APA’s standards for continuingContinue reading “Coming Soon: Continuing Education”

What Makes Forensic Psychologists Different From Other Psychologists?

Today’s post is brought to you by a guest blogger, Roxana Sue Huxley. Roxana reached out to me recently and asked if she could share some content to Resiliency Mental Health. Roxana is a writer who has written pieces on mental health in the past, and she is sharing today some information on forensic psychologyContinue reading What Makes Forensic Psychologists Different From Other Psychologists?

Why I Don’t Conduct Autism Evaluations in North Dakota

I am writing today’s post to provide some information for clients and potential clients about my practice. If you have reviewed RMH Therapy’s website, you will see that one of my areas of specialization is supporting autistic people, including evaluating for, diagnosing, and identifying autism in both children and adults. I take a neurodiversity-affirming approachContinue reading “Why I Don’t Conduct Autism Evaluations in North Dakota”

Therapy and Social Media

The internet is simultaneously a wonderful and overwhelming place. Thanks to social media, pretty much anyone can reach out to pretty much anyone else at any time through dozens of different portals. The internet is a minefield when you are a therapist. Many (myself included) choose to be public with our names and credentials onContinue reading “Therapy and Social Media”

Telehealth Activity: Pet Adoption

As a child of the 90s and early 2000s, I was raised on Tamagotchis and Neopets. They were so much fun, but also stressful as I tried to keep them alive. Virtual pets can help teach responsibility and build attachment with the pet. There is an element of creativity as well. I have written beforeContinue reading “Telehealth Activity: Pet Adoption”

4 Ways A Major Life Transition Can Help You Build Good Habits

Thank you again to┬áJulie Morris for another guest blog! Today she shares tips for building habits during life transitions. When a major transition occurs in your life, it can feel like a fresh start. Perhaps you’re moving to a new city, starting a new relationship, or simply making the decision to open up the nextContinue reading “4 Ways A Major Life Transition Can Help You Build Good Habits”

It’s About To Get Slightly Less Unprofessional

Everybody get excited! There’s a new coloring book in town (sort of). From the brilliant minds who brought you It’s About To Get Real Unprofessional comes It’s About To Get Slightly Less Unprofessional! What is It’s About To Get Slightly Less Unprofessional, you ask? Well, it’s the exact same book as It’s About To GetContinue reading “It’s About To Get Slightly Less Unprofessional”

Interview with Katy Lees, Therapist & Author

I connected with Katy Lees through Twitter because the internet is a wonderful place that keeps introducing me to fantastic people. Katy is the author of The Trans Guide to Mental Health and Well-Being, a comprehensive resource for trans folks and the people who care about them. Information about purchasing their book is available atContinue reading “Interview with Katy Lees, Therapist & Author”