Behavioral Scripting: Every Day Can Be Your Birthday

Today’s post is brought to you by Courtney, my friend who I met through the glory that is social media. Courtney is autistic, and like many autistic folks, sometimes she has a hard time making decisions or managing unstructured weekends. Recently, Courtney shared that she was celebrating her birthday – but it wasn’t her actualContinue reading “Behavioral Scripting: Every Day Can Be Your Birthday”

Let’s Talk About The Phrase “Medically Necessary”

Often when someone contacts me for a psychological evaluation, their health insurance requires me to request authorization before starting testing. The reason the insurance companies give is that they want to make sure that the evaluation is “medically necessary” before agreeing to pay for it. But what exactly does it mean for testing to beContinue reading “Let’s Talk About The Phrase “Medically Necessary””

Any Piece of Media Can Be a CBT Intervention

I have talked before about what “makes” an activity have therapeutic value and how this description grows and changes over time. As I have said many times, in therapy sessions, I am not there to make a certain intervention happen; rather, my job is to take whatever happens and make that thing therapeutic. This isContinue reading “Any Piece of Media Can Be a CBT Intervention”

Telehealth Activity: Rush Hour

The first draft of my second telehealth book is submitted, and I am excitedly waiting for my editor’s comments. Of course, days after I submitted the manuscript, I found an online version of yet another game I have used in my in-person office. But that is why I started this blog, right? To offer resources.Continue reading “Telehealth Activity: Rush Hour”

Against HB 454: Impact on Licensed Counselors in the State of Ohio

CW: This post discusses proposed anti-trans laws in the United States. I connected with Lily Cunningham, M.Ed., LPCC-S, on Twitter. As you may have noticed, I take my ethical commitments seriously, especially when laws try to force me to contradict my ethics code. And you may have noticed that many states have been pushing forContinue reading “Against HB 454: Impact on Licensed Counselors in the State of Ohio”

Feelings Versus FEELINGS

One theme that I have addressed with many of my clients is the difference between feelings and FEELINGS. Feelings are emotions we have in the moment, like happy, angry, sad, scared, et cetera. FEELINGS are how we feel towards something. FEELINGS are not fleeting, they are deep, and they are continuous. Kids especially do notContinue reading “Feelings Versus FEELINGS”

Dr. Amy’s Life Updates: Blog Schedule, Upcoming Books, and More!

(If you haven’t already, please sign my petition asking the ACLU to join my fight against states requiring that autistic residents be registered with the government. More information about this cause is available here.) Since I started this blog in June 2020, I have shared more than 300 posts about mental health, therapist resources, parenting,Continue reading “Dr. Amy’s Life Updates: Blog Schedule, Upcoming Books, and More!”

PESI Presents: Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children & Adolescents

Friends, I am pleased and excited to announce that PESI has scheduled me to present my newest continuing education course on April 29, 2022! Sign up now for Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children and Adolescents. Discover how to integrate cognitive behavioral interventions and techniques with a client-centered and trauma-informed approach. Learn the underlying philosophyContinue reading “PESI Presents: Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children & Adolescents”