I Don’t Want To Be Bad

This book is available in paperback and through Kindle Direct Publishing, and it contains comprehensive techniques to help you and your child communicate effectively, identify and cope with negative feelings, and make better choices. After all, kids don’t want to be bad!

It’s About To Get Real Unprofessional

Being a therapist is exhausting, and who has time for self-care? Just color some pictures instead of dealing with your stress! We hope these 69 (heh heh) pages of coloring and activity sheets bring you joy and laughter. We can’t wait to see what you create! Available in paperback on Amazon and digital copy on Etsy.

A Year of Resiliency: Growth Through Adversity

This guided journal contains 365 prompts designed to instill a sense of hope. A Year of Resiliency is available in paperback format on Amazon, eBook on my TPT store, and special edition spiral bound on Etsy.

Armani Doesn’t Feel Well

Armani is a happy cat who lives with a family that loves him. But he gets sick, and his life changes. Vet appointments, tests, medicine – oh no! He’s angry, he’s sad, and he’s scared. Why doesn’t his sister have to take medicine? Why are his humans taking him to the vet when they know he does not like it? Will he ever feel better? This book helps sick kids and the adults who love them talk about their diagnoses. Available in paperback through the Lulu store or ebook through Kindle.

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