Telemental Health with Kids Toolbox

Keeping kids engaged in therapy comes with its own set of challenges – and doing it over a screen is no exception. Here, you’ll find over 100 ready-to-use telehealth games, exercises, and activities with step-by-step instructions, equipping you with the tools you need to effectively (and confidently!) provide treatment through a screen. You’ll also receive guidance on how to create your own kid-friendly, virtual intervention that are unique to your practice!

Telemental Health with Kids Toolbox Volume 2

With virtual therapy becoming ever more ubiquitous, how can you keep young clients engaged while providing them with the effective, evidence-based treatment they need?

Look no further! As with the first volume, you’ll find over 125 ready-to-use telehealth games, exercises, and activities tailored to each client’s unique interests, treatment goals, and developmental level. As an added bonus, this volume also features a directory of activities based on what telehealth features are available to your client so you can find an activity that works regardless of the device, WiFi restrictions, and platform options available.

Clinical Documentation with Children and Adolescents

This book addresses the unique challenges therapists face when documenting their clinical work with children, providing insight into what ethical, appropriate, and culturally competent practice looks like.

This book is essential for any mental health professional who works with children in both individual and family work, including psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, play therapists, school counselors, and therapist interns.

Slipper the Penguin: A Story About Embracing Neurodivergence

Slipper is a bird who lives in the jungle with her bird friends. She wonders why some things that come so easily to her friends are so difficult for her. “Why am I so bad at being a bird?” When the weather changes, Slipper meets other birds like her, called penguins. Slipper’s new penguin friends teach her that she is a perfectly wonderful bird, just a different type of bird than she thought before!

Armani Doesn’t Feel Well

Armani is a happy cat who lives with a family that loves him. But he gets sick, and his life changes. Vet appointments, tests, medicine – oh no! He’s angry, he’s sad, and he’s scared. Why doesn’t his sister have to take medicine? Why are his humans taking him to the vet when they know he does not like it? Will he ever feel better? This book helps sick kids and the adults who love them talk about their diagnoses.

Sometimes Vera Feels Scared

Vera is a cat who lives with two humans who take care of her and love her very much, and she knows that she is always safe. But she used to live outside, and sometimes she remembers times when she needed to be afraid to keep herself safe from danger. Luckily, her humans help her when she gets scared, and she has places she can go until she feels better again. She hopes you have somewhere you feel safe, too.

I Don’t Want To Be Bad

This book is available in paperback and through Kindle Direct Publishing, and it contains comprehensive techniques to help you and your child communicate effectively, identify and cope with negative feelings, and make better choices. For both parents and professionals. After all, kids don’t want to be bad!

Coloring Books

Elations: A Tessellation Coloring Book

Take some time to relax and unwind with these 100 beautiful and unique coloring pages. It’s always a good day to be creative! Choose from floral, animal, geometric, and abstract designs for every style and mood.

Paperback and printable options are available!

It’s About To Get Real Unprofessional

Being a therapist is exhausting, and who has time for self-care? Just color some pictures instead of dealing with your stress! We hope these 69 (heh heh) pages of coloring and activity sheets bring you joy and laughter. We can’t wait to see what you create! Available in paperback on Amazon and digital copy on Etsy. Slightly less unprofessional edition is also available.

It’s About To Get Even More Unprofessional

Did you hear? Ignoring the mental health crisis somehow didn’t make it go away! So your favorite internet psychologists, Dr. Katelyn and Dr. Amy, are back with 69 more coloring pages and activities especially for therapists. We can’t make insurance companies pay you a living wage, but we can sort of draw. Help us pay off our student loans, and we’ll help you forget that mindfulness can’t fix systemic crises.


A Year of Resiliency

This guided journal contains 365 prompts designed to instill a sense of hope. Offered in multiple formats for every budget and writing preference. Makes a fantastic gift.

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