Guest Post: Are We In This For The Money?

Last week I was working on another Spring Health blog post about fostering healthy workplace culture and environment, and I ended up having Thoughts unrelated to this month’s specific topic. Naturally, I shared these thoughts on social media – to paraphrase Descartes, I tweet, therefore I am. Therapists get told that we shouldn’t be “inContinue reading “Guest Post: Are We In This For The Money?”

Free Resource: Mindful Co-Parenting Guide

Recently, the folks at Custody Xchange reached out to me about some parenting articles I’ve written. Custody Xchange is a company that helps divorced parents manage schedules and communication. Note: Custody Xchange has paid services, including a subscription plan. I am not financially involved with this company, I do not get any referral bonus ifContinue reading “Free Resource: Mindful Co-Parenting Guide”

A Note About Online Games with Telehealth

You might have noticed that I talk a lot about different activities and interventions that therapists can do via telehealth, including games that you can play online with your clients. There are, of course, privacy concerns that we must keep in mind in order to provide legal and ethical telehealth services. This is something IContinue reading “A Note About Online Games with Telehealth”

Neurodivergent Accommodations List

Recently, a friend shared with me a list of accommodations that therapists can recommend for neurodivergent clients. (To clear up any possible confusion, when I use the term “neurodivergent,” I’m using Dr. Singer’s initial definition meaning anyone and everyone whose brain falls outside of typical. This includes any and all DSM diagnoses.) This list wasContinue reading “Neurodivergent Accommodations List”