Elations: A Tessellation Coloring Book

Lately, my self-care has looked like drawing kaleidoscope/tessellation patterns on my tablet. It’s incredibly satisfying and relaxing. Thanks to my hyper-focus, before I knew it I had made 100 drawings. You know what that means – coloring book! Take some time to relax and unwind with these 100 beautiful and unique coloring pages. It’s alwaysContinue reading “Elations: A Tessellation Coloring Book”

Life Changes and How to Overcome Them

Thank you once again to Julie Morris, recurring guest blogger, for sharing tips for coping with and overcoming three common life challenges and stressors. I love being able to share different ideas and perspectives here. Life is constantly changing. Of course, some changes are more serious and drastic than others – and more difficult. IfContinue reading “Life Changes and How to Overcome Them”

Tips for Requesting Prior Authorization from Insurance

I’ve written before about my frustrations with health insurance as a barrier to mental health treatment, particularly insurance companies’ insistence that we prove that services are “necessary” before they will agree to pay (and then deny the claim that they agreed to pay). Sometimes, I have to contact insurance companies to request authorization before theyContinue reading “Tips for Requesting Prior Authorization from Insurance”

4 More Alternatives to Breathing Activities

Remember when we talked about alternatives to breath-based relaxation techniques? Well, I came up with four more. According to a leadership assessment I took several years ago, something I am really good at is collecting. Basically I store up everything – resources, activities, information, even other people’s strengths. It’s why, when someone contacts me aboutContinue reading “4 More Alternatives to Breathing Activities”

CareDash Database Updates

Remember CareDash, the website that was making directory listings without therapists’ permission, some of which included folks’ home addresses? Well, I’m told that some people have had success having their personal information taken down without having to “claim” their profile. (Remember, if you “claim” your profile, you agree to CareDash’s terms of service. This meansContinue reading “CareDash Database Updates”

Call for Psychologists: Resiliency Mental Health’s CE Review Board

Happy New Year, friends! As you may recall, one resolution I am working towards for 2023 is to begin creating affordable, high-quality continuing education programs. My first step in doing this is creating a list of psychologists who will independently review my CE courses. If you are: Please fill out this form to be consideredContinue reading “Call for Psychologists: Resiliency Mental Health’s CE Review Board”