Medical Privacy with Children and Adolescents in Therapy

Gather around, everyone, because I have some thoughts I want to share. Recently, I wrote about privacy laws and protecting my clients’ confidentiality. This focused mainly on adults, but there is another layer to this conversation when my client is under the age of medical consent in their jurisdiction. I also wrote about clients havingContinue reading “Medical Privacy with Children and Adolescents in Therapy”

Unleash Your Potential: Comprehensive Self-Improvement Guide

Julie Morris is back this week with some tips for self-improvement! Julie does guest posts sometimes and writes on mental health tips. Setting out on the path of self-improvement is a significant stride towards a more vibrant, healthier, and more satisfying life. Within this all-encompassing guide, we will delve into vital facets of self-enhancement, eachContinue reading “Unleash Your Potential: Comprehensive Self-Improvement Guide”

Brain Scans for Psychological Assessments

The field of psychology has been buzzing for a while about alternative ways to conduct evaluations that can yield more objective, less biased, and more accurate results for our clients. I wrote recently about these challenges when conducting evaluations. Various studies have popped up attempting to determine the genetic predisposition to certain neurodivergences, particularly autism,Continue reading “Brain Scans for Psychological Assessments”

I Want To Talk About HIPAA.

(Note: As always, nothing in this blog is legal advice.) The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) may be the most frequently misquoted law in the United States, or maybe it just seems that way to me because I encounter it every day in my work. I know the law is complicated, and lawsContinue reading “I Want To Talk About HIPAA.”

Plato, the Cave, and Psychological Assessment

Have I mentioned that I majored in philosophy as an undergraduate student? I actually registered for creative writing my first semester, but that course was full, so I was automatically switched over to Introduction to Philosophy. It was awesome, and the rest is history. (Or rather, the rest is philosophy?) The philosophy department actually reachedContinue reading “Plato, the Cave, and Psychological Assessment”

“Scope of Practice” and Psychological Assessments

I’ve previously written a series of blog posts about psychological assessments and evaluations to answer common questions and misconceptions about them. Many people have a vague understanding about what an evaluation is and what it can entail, but there are many nuances to this part of my job that are not common knowledge. We cannotContinue reading ““Scope of Practice” and Psychological Assessments”

Guided Visualization: Friendship

Guided visualization is one of many relaxation tools that some people find beneficial as a coping skill. Today I am sharing a visualization exercise focused on friendship. Please note, like with all coping skills, not everyone benefits from guided visualization. If these kinds of exercises cause distress, stop. Additionally, as the name suggests, guided visualizationContinue reading “Guided Visualization: Friendship”