I Joined Mastodon!

As I continue to diversity my social media presence, I was advised to check out Mastodon, a platform with several different servers that is volunteer-run and has a similar user feel to Twitter. I’m still feeling everything out, but I love that Mastodon reminds me to add alt text to photos to help those usingContinue reading “I Joined Mastodon!”

Autism and Neurodivergence Infocards

Everyone stop what you’re doing because I found another awesome free resource! Daniela Schreiter (“Fuchskind”) is an artist I connected with on Mastodon thanks to my timeline only being populated with things I’ve explicitly asked for and not some algorithm trying to profit off of me unlike other social media sites. ANYWAY. Daniela is anContinue reading “Autism and Neurodivergence Infocards”

Advice for New Authors: Beware Vanity Publishers

I was approached on LinkedIn recently by a vanity publisher, and it made me realize that many new authors might not realize why this practice is exploitive and problematic. So, I did what I always do when I’m angry about something, and I wrote a blog post about it. I have published my books twoContinue reading “Advice for New Authors: Beware Vanity Publishers”