Slipper the Penguin: The Reviews are In!

As you likely already know, Slipper the Penguin eBook and paperback are both available now, with hardcover coming soon.

I usually do not read reviews on my books because it brings up feelings of rejection sensitive dysphoria if they are negative. Is becoming a professional author a great career choice if you have trouble handling feedback on your writing? Probably not, but I am in too deep to turn back now.

But a few people commented on Facebook that they had left positive reviews, and I like when people say nice things to me, so I had a look.

You all. Thank you so much! These made me smile and tear up. I’m so glad Slipper is resonating with so many of you!! Some have also shared on social media that their kids have really enjoyed the book and gotten into the story, which just makes me so happy.

Three Amazon reviews

Kimberly Dungan
Reading this to ALL my students!
As an autistic person, it's so rare that we get a story for kids about my identity, even rarer that the author and artist are both neurodivergent. I wish I had such a story when I was growing up. It becomes abundantly clear through the story that it is told out of real experience. The story doesn't try to introduce huge words to little kids but simply tells the story of being different and how freeing it is to find your community and have your identity validated. I bought one for myself and now I'm buying one for my church office to read to all the kids in Sunday school and our daycare center. I also got an extra copy to donate for a raffle item. I can't wait to share it with everyone!

Wonderful story!!!
I love everything about the book Slipper the Penguin. The story is sweet and uplifting. The artwork is adorable and my daughters just Love Slipper and her friends. Ok, Hubby and I do as well. The story brought happy tears to my eyes at the end. I love that my girls can relate and feel good about themselves after reading this. Heck, I feel good after reading this book. We Highly Recommend Slipper the Penguin for the message and the art. So Much Love for the Author and Illustrator!!!

Devin Murray
Adorable & helpful!
Got this for my niece. She’s very open in general, but always loves to learn. This was a brilliant way to say “even if you’re feeling out of place, there’s people like you that understand and love you for you.” Beautiful art as well! Love it!

If you haven’t bought your copy yet, you are missing out! Unless you are holding off to get a hardcover – in which case, thank you for your patience. As soon as I can get the formatting to look right, that will be available. Thank you for your support!

And once again, don’t forget to check out Abby Lastowski, my illustrator because she is fantastic!

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