Executive Dysfunction Life Hack: Goblin Tools

You’ve been there. There is a Task that feels too big to manage, too much to even start, so instead of starting, you sit there, beating yourself up for not getting it done. You need a healthy dose of behavior activation.

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Apparently, there’s a website for that! I was recently introduced to Goblin Tools, AKA Magic To Do: Breaking Things Down So You Don’t.

The site lets you create a to-do list, but it doesn’t stop there. When I add “laundry” to my list, there is a magic wand icon I can click that breaks it down into 14 mini tasks:

  • Gather dirty clothes
  • Sort clothes into categories
  • Check clothing labels for washing instructions

And so on, all the way to “Put away clean clothes.” I can check off each mini step as I go, AND each mini step has its own magic wand icon! For example, when I magic wand “Load clothes into washing machine,” I get prompted to:

  • Open the washing machine door or lid
  • Place dirty clothes inside the washing machine
  • Check pockets for any items
  • Close the washing machine door or lid securely

You can keep magic wand-ing tasks until the individual parts are small enough for your executive functioning to manage.

I will be using this tool daily.

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Dr. Amy Marschall received her Psy.D. from the University of Hartford in September 2015. She completed her internship at the National Psychology Training Consortium with specializations in assessment and rural mental health. Currently, she specializes in trauma-informed and neurodiversity-affirming care, and she is certified in telemental health. Dr. Marschall runs a private practice, RMH Therapy, where she provides individual and family therapy as well as psychological assessments across the lifespan. Dr. Amy Marschall is an author and professional speaker.

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