Sorry For Telehealth

Sorry is a classic board game similar to Ludo, where up to four players take turns trying to get four pieces from the Start point to a Home around the board. Most kids are familiar with the game and can use it as a tool for taking turns or to just build rapport by playing something fun.

Well, now there is a way to play multiplayer Sorry for telehealth! It is not the Hasbro brand for copyright reasons.

blue and yellow board game
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The website says there is an “online” option, but I have not been able to get that version to work, so I unfortunately can’t tell you how to use that as an intervention with your clients. However, you can play multiplayer, screen share, and take turns with remote control.

Choose “Play,” then indicate how many players you have (the person icon is a human player, and the star icon indicates that that player will not be in the game). You can add computer players if you want as well.

There are six different maps to choose from, which lets you mix it up and keep the game interesting.

There you have it – another board game to incorporate into your telehealth sessions!

Published by Dr Marschall

Dr. Amy Marschall received her Psy.D. from the University of Hartford in September 2015. She completed her internship at the National Psychology Training Consortium with specializations in assessment and rural mental health. Currently, she specializes in trauma-informed and neurodiversity-affirming care, and she is certified in telemental health. Dr. Marschall runs a private practice, RMH Therapy, where she provides individual and family therapy as well as psychological assessments across the lifespan. Dr. Amy Marschall is an author and professional speaker.