Joint Drawing Platform: Aggie.IO

Hello telehealth lovers! I’ve written about the joys of using art interventions via telehealth sessions in the past, so I wanted to share another platform I discovered that lets you draw with your clients in real time.

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Aggie.IO lets you and your client create a canvass/”room” where you can create something together, or they can create something while you see their process as they create.

Go to the website and click “Start Drawing.” You can select the drop down arrow to decide what size drawing you want to make. It will take you to either a blank drawing or, if you have used the platform before, it will show you your past drawings. Select “New Canvas” or a drawing in progress. This creates a unique link, which you can share with your client via chat or through email.

If you click “Invite,” you can add a password to the room that your client can use. This adds extra security to the room.

When your client joins with the link, they will be able to draw with you in real time!

One thing I love about this platform is that you can save works in progress, so if a client wants to finish something they started previously, they can. As always, third-party platforms like Aggie.IO do not offer a BAA, so let your client know not to write “THIS IS FROM [NAME]’S THERAPY SESSION” or identifying information.

This site has a wider variety of tools than other similar websites, and I like that it has the save feature. You can import images as well, so you could upload a coloring page if your client enjoys those, or a photograph if that fits with any interventions that you use.

Keep being fantastic!

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