Petition: Tell the ACLU to Fight Mandatory Autism Databases!

Sign the petition today!!

(Hello new friends! If it’s your first time joining me, I have been trying to repeal a North Dakota law mandating that providers register autistic clients with the government. Information on the law is available here. More information about these kinds of databases is available here, and my journey raging against these databases is here.)

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Just a quick update today! After much consideration, I think we need to go after these databases on a federal level. Both the national ACLU and the North Dakota branch have not gotten back to me, so I’m starting a petition. Please sign and share with your networks so we can fight these databases. Tell the ACLU to fight mandatory autism databases!

My hope is to get enough attention on this issue that they are able to take action and get these databases taken down (or at the very least only maintained on a voluntary basis). I have detailed the APA and NASW ethical codes that contraindicate registering clients with the government based on diagnosis, as well as international human rights law.

Did I miss anything? Have an idea or a way to help? Tell me!

Thank you again for all the support, feedback, and resources everyone has sent me so far. I really believe we can do this if we keep fighting and making noise!

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