Workrobe: Work From Home in Style and Comfort

Note: Although I was not paid to write this post, Workrobe compensates me each time someone purchases one of their products using my link. I have strived to give an honest and balanced review of the product with my true opinion, and I will list things I did not like as well as things I liked. However, I want my readers to know that I do have a financial interest in this post. Look at me, I’m a Paid Influencer!

Guess what, everyone! My Workrobes came! Workrobe is a company that has created bathrobes that look work-appropriate in a Zoom meeting. Because when you work from home, comfort is king. At the time that I am writing this, Workrobe has three robes available: a button down, a cowlneck, and a blouse. I purchased the cowlneck in gray and the blouse in white. Here is my review.

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The Blouse

I purchased the blouse in white, size S/M. I love the detail on the sleeves, and the fabric is super soft and thick. I think anyone who would feel more comfortable braless would not have a problem with this robe.

The Blouse

My husband felt that it was obvious that I was wearing a robe in the Zoom view. I feel like it looks like a “real” shirt, and maybe he thinks that because he knew going in that I would be in a robe. Decide for yourself:

The Blouse on Zoom

Overall I’m very happy with it! It definitely seems high-quality and well made.

The Cowlneck

(Yes, I probably should have ironed the robe before I took photos, but I think Millennials don’t iron things. Don’t quote me on that.) I got the Cowlneck in the L/XL size. I can tell it is bigger than the blouse, but both fit me fine. A great thing about bathrobes is they aren’t too rigid on sizing.

Of the two styles, this one is my favorite. I like the look of it, and the snap gives me a little more reassurance that I won’t have a wardrobe malfunction.

The Cowlneck

The fabric is a touch thinner than on the blouse but still feels high quality to me. I think the style of this one is a little closer to my “real” clothes, which might be why I felt a little more comfortable in it.

The Cowlneck on Zoom

Again, overall excellent quality and great product in my opinion!

What I Love

  • High-quality, cozy, soft fabric.
  • Deep, large pockets.
  • Wearing a bathrobe at work, duh.

What I’d Change

  • The robes only come in S/M and L/XL. Although the sizes seem pretty flexible, I would love to see more sizing options to be more inclusive.
  • Each robe only has a couple of color options.

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