The Weekly Mews with Armani

Hello, good morning, and welcome to another edition of Armani’s mewsletter! Armani had a very exciting week because he went to the vet yesterday.

Pictured: One boy who HATES the vet

He had to take Gabapentin before his appointment because last time he bit the vet tech. He insists she had it coming, and that may be true, but we can’t have him banished so we complied. The medication did not seem to mellow him out at all, and he was running around and yelling after he took it.

He’s not sorry

Fortunately, the tech has no hard feelings, and she took her break to come say hi to him even though she was not assigned to him. He just has that effect on people.

His blood work shows that his kidneys are aging (just like the rest of him), and there is nothing to be concerned about there but we should keep an eye on it. His sugars are up a little bit, so he is going to get a slightly higher insulin dosage going forward to keep the diabetes under control.

Snuggle bug

Armani hopes he doesn’t have to go back to the vet for a while, but of course that will depend on how well he tolerates the higher insulin dose. Unfortunately since he refuses to wear his Libre anymore, we can’t track his sugar levels at home.

He asked me to remind you all to buy his book, and keep sending good vibes his way. He loves you!

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