The Weekly Mews with Armani

Happy Halloween, friends! Since Armani has no concept of time, he does not celebrate. I gave him a costume anyway.

He is a mermaid!

Please rest assured, we decided he would only wear the costume if he tolerated it. And he did, because who wouldn’t want to look that awesome?

Armani doesn’t have a whole lot to share this week. In two weeks, he has a senior wellness exam at the vet, which I am sure he will hate but we want to make sure he has everything he needs to be a senior cat for a long, long time. In the meantime, he’s taking lots of naps and climbing on the fridge.

Armani napping

Vera allowed us to give her a rare appearance on the blog! She is a taco cat, which spelled backwards is taco cat.

Taco cat

Have a fun, safe Halloween, and remember, no one is giving away free edibles to trick or treaters!

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