The Weekly Mews with Armani

I am so sorry I have forgotten Armani’s mewsletter in recent weeks! I will keep doing my best to remember, but lately weekends are for snuggles and not writing. But today is a bonesday (shout out to my new favorite Tik Tok account and, frankly, my new favorite thing in the whole world), so I am getting stuff done!

Kitty on the fridge

Yesterday, Armani spent some time on the fridge. He goes on the fridge a lot, but this is particularly exciting because he got up there all by himself! A feat he has not been able to accomplish since his diabetes diagnosis. (Usually he stands by the fridge and yells until one of us puts him up there, which we are happy to do, of course.)

Kitty snuggling

I am so happy that he keeps getting stronger and gets to live his best life. In two weeks, he has a senior wellness check (my baby is a SENIOR), and they will check his levels and make sure he is still as strong and healthy as he can be. I’m hoping they do not recommend another Libre since he hated it so much the last time, but I tell him that we will do things he doesn’t like only if they will make him happy, healthy, and safe.

Armani in a mermaid costume

Happy early Halloween! Armani will be a mermaid this year. (In case anyone is concerned, I brought the costume to him with the intention of not making him wear it if he resisted. He let me put it on and strutted around the apartment feeling fierce.)

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