Sleep Hygiene: Creating Your Sleep Space

One of the components of sleep hygiene I discussed when I started this series is creating a relaxing sleep space where you can fully rest. Recently I talked about creating a routine around your sleep. Today, we will expand on creating a restful sleep space.

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When I was a graduate student, I lived in a studio apartment and did homework sitting in bed. Then, when it was time for sleep, I had trouble winding down because my brain associated my bed with work and not rest.

Of course, it is not always an option to have a bedroom that is for sleep and nothing else, but even moving from my bed to the kitchen counter made a difference.

As with creating a sleep routine, there is not a right way to set up your sleep space. For example, some people prefer heavy blankets, and others might be more comfortable with a light sheet.

What makes the space restful to you? What colors and textures relax you? Incorporate them into your sleep space.

Keeping your sleep space restful goes beyond simply not working in your bed. Avoid any activity that raises your heart rate or alertness, like scrolling social media.

What makes your sleep space restful to you?

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