The Weekly Mews with Armani

Welcome back, friends! I apologize for the technical issues lately – I usually upload the photos for Armani’s mewsletter using the app on my phone, but that has been glitching on me (it is likely a Code-18 error, unfortunately). So I’m going to try transferring the photos to my laptop and uploading them that way. It’s an extra step that will hopefully Amy-proof the process.


Armani has so many updates! First, his pawtograph stamp came, so you can buy a special, signed copy of his book on Etsy, and he will even inscribe it for you! He is so excited to help more kids by sharing his story.

He is so proud of himself!

In other news, our veterinarian quit, so Armani’s care is being transferred to a new provider. He’s nervous about meeting a different vet, but we will make sure they do just as good of a job taking care of him.

His latest blood sample had that clotting issue again, which the new vet reassured us is just bad luck and not a sign that something bigger is wrong. (This is what the last vet said too, and my husband said it checks out.) They aren’t sure about doing another draw, since he hates having them and it has not given us good information. Our choices now are to try the Libre again or just keep him on the low insulin dose and continue to monitor him for symptoms.

Armani and Vera reading together

I’d rather not put him through more invasive procedures that he hates if it is not going to help him, but it makes me nervous to not have the information. He has been doing so well and has been climbing and jumping, still not as high as before he got sick, but he seems happy.

If anyone has the answers, please let me know. We will keep taking care of him the best we can.

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