Introduction to Sleep Hygiene

It’s time for another series! Sometimes I blog about whatever is on my mind this week, and other times I put together a series of pieces on a topic important to mental health. Well, it is always a good time to talk about sleep hygiene.

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Sleep is central to the survival of all animals. Even plants follow a day-night cycle consistent with rest. Even though we sleep all the time, many of us have difficulty. I have spoken before on how ADHD affects sleep, and people with mood disorders, bipolar disorders, anxiety, or a myriad of other diagnoses might have difficulty with sleep.

The rituals and routines surrounding our sleep patterns are called sleep hygiene. How consistently you adhere to a routine to get ready for bed, go to sleep and wake up around the same time every day, and time when you use substances like caffeine contribute to your sleep hygiene.

Although there are some general guidelines around sleep hygiene, individuals have unique needs and preferences. My goal for this series is to inform about sleep hygiene and help my readers develop their own sleep routines that meet their unique needs.

Do you have specific questions about sleep? Let me know, and I will try to answer them.

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Dr. Amy Marschall received her Psy.D. from the University of Hartford in September 2015. Her clinical interests are varied and include child and adolescent therapy, TF-CBT, rural psychology, telemental health, sexual and domestic violence, psychological assessment, and mental illness prevention. Dr. Marschall presently works in the Child and Adolescent Therapy Clinic at Sioux Falls Psychological Services in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where she provides individual and family therapy and psychological assessment to children, adolescents, and college students. She also facilitates an art therapy group for adolescents and college students with anxiety and depression. Dr. Amy Marschall is certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Telemental Health.

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