App Review: Breathe 2 Relax

Today’s mental health app was developed by the Defense Health Agency: Breathe 2 Relax. I love that there seems to be no shortage of apps to teach coping skills, deep breathing, and mindfulness – you can try them all out and see which one is the best fit, which one uses language that you resonate with most, and the aesthetic you enjoy.

Breathe 2 Relax home screen

There are some helpful videos to teach users about stress and the benefits of breathing exercises.

Diaphramatic breathing, education about stress, practice breathing sessions

The breathing exercises on the app all start with rating your stress level. Instead of ranking your stress on a numbered scale, there is a slider from “Relaxed” to “Stressed.” Although I personally find numbers helpful, I have noticed that some have trouble choosing which number best represents their stress level, and this simplifies the process.

After documenting your stress level, the app takes you through a deep breathing activity with some lovely visuals. You can tailor how long the inhales and exhales are, making this app more customizable than other breathing apps I have reviewed before. You can determine the breath length that works best for your body.

Rate your stress

After the exercise, you are again prompted to rate your stress level. Over time, the app graphs your response to using the relaxation exercises. You get to see a visualization of how the breathing exercises reduce your stress level.

This is another great app to reinforce relaxation and coping skills anywhere, any time. What are your favorite mental health apps? Tell me so I can share them!

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Dr. Amy Marschall received her Psy.D. from the University of Hartford in September 2015. She completed her internship at the National Psychology Training Consortium with specializations in assessment and rural mental health. Currently, she specializes in trauma-informed and neurodiversity-affirming care, and she is certified in telemental health. Dr. Marschall runs a private practice, RMH Therapy, where she provides individual and family therapy as well as psychological assessments across the lifespan. Dr. Amy Marschall is an author and professional speaker.

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